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Randy Kay outlines the foundations needed to develop a thriving mindset based on a multi-decade study by his research team.

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Randy uses his own story about clinically dying from pulmonary embolism and septic shock, which led to his meeting Jesus face to face in heaven. His testimony has been shared with many thousands in speaking and video engagements. The most authoritative voice on near-death-experiences (NDEs), John Burke (New York Times Best Selling Author of Imagine Heaven), wrote the foreword for Randy’s best-selling book, Dying to Meet Jesus. In Randy’s book he details his encounter with Jesus in heaven, and the hope and wonder therein. Randy’s experience allows him to uniquely speak to audiences about death, dying, and heaven while giving hope to those who fear death, or who are grieving the loss of a loved one. If you want your audience to learn about what is on the other side of this life and death, in heaven, from the perspective of someone who has been there, this is the presentation for you.

After a several decade and multi-disciplinary study by Randy’s human development firm, PACEsetters, he discovered the foundations of a thriving life. These foundations were determined as purpose, attitude, connection, and energy. Chief amongst these is faith. Randy speaks as to:

  • how one can dream big to find purpose through pain
  • how a renewal of the mind can produce a thriving mindset and attitude
  • how social connections are the greatest contributors to finding joy, and how communication skills (like vulnerability) and empathy (to understand others) can strengthen relationships
  • how energy is fundamental to thriving through the milieu of life

Chief amongst these foundations is faith. But, how does one develop faith to thrive in life? Randy discusses the way to increase faith in discovering the heart of God, to thrive.

Randy shares the sadness in almost losing his daughter to drugs, mental illness, and suicide. Indeed, each member of Randy’s family has suffered from some form of mental illness, including Randy’s own struggle with clinical depression. Through Randy’s own struggles and other compelling true stories of others’ sufferings, Randy teaches listeners how to find joy through sadness, and meaning through pain. He discusses the loss of loved ones, and how even death cannot separate us from the love of God. In this presentation Randy addresses the scourges of mental illness and drugs while offering answers as to how God’s abiding Spirit can turn sadness to joy, and how brokenness is actually an essential part of how we are being conformed to the image of Jesus Christ (Romans 8:29).

Based on his book of the same name, Randy touches on the 22 most important things to thrive in life as determined by his human development and relates each of the 22 “things” to one essential factor: allowing the God of Jesus Christ to serve as the impetus for living a full and purposeful life. The 22 most important things include:

  • perseverance
  • integrity
  • transparency
  • knowing when to let go
  • maintaining a ‘locus of control’
  • communication that heals
  • thinking like a child
  • resiliency
  • using “seminal moments” to effect change…

Just to name a few.

Randy was a corporate executive and entrepreneur, having started several companies. But God had other plans. He lost almost everything, and that is when he gained a life more dedicated in service to Jesus Christ. Have you ever wondered this: “What if..?” Those seminal moments that changed everything – the loss of a job, a terminal illness, the loss of a loved one – can turn should-of, could-of, into doing it NOW. Instead of fearing these life changing events, Randy encourages listeners to embrace the seminal moments as a means for achieving your dream. And, that requires trusting God to do the seemingly impossible. God oftentimes puts us to the test, and when seismic shifts alter our lives, instead of going back to the tried and true, God intends for us to instead “try what is true to God’s plan.” Randy uses stories of people (like himself) whose lives were turned upside down to show how God will invariably turn our life right-side up.
The number one audience who purchased Randy’s best-selling book, Dying to Meet Jesus, were those either contemplating suicide, or those who have been affected by suicide. Suicide is on the rise, and Randy understands that hopelessness is the number one reason why people commit suicide. And, the number one reason why people suffer from the suicidal loss of a loved one is that they cannot trust God to care for their loved one more than themselves. At the heart of suicide is a lack of trust in God. In this session Randy tackles head-on our lack of trust in God to “work everything for good” (Romans 8:28). After this session Randy prays for the participants, inviting God’s authority into their lives while prophesying as the Lord leads.
Lani CallisonCorporate Training Executive
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“I know The Power to Thrive course helped me solidify and ignite my efforts for my own ‘Big Impact.’ It challenges long standing and dysfunctional mindsets embedded within all of us and corporations. Thank you so much!!!”
Sheri BriggsFounder, Bridge of Hope
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I am deeply grateful to Randy Kay. With personal and profound insight into suffering and loss, tragedy and the miraculous, Randy leads us to understand suffering’s transformative power, creating a life force of depth, passion and intimacy with our Heavenly Father and others.
Dr. Larry A. VoldAssociate pastor, 3 Crosses Church, Castro Valley, Calif.; author, The Good Fight: Spiritual Warfare and the Believer’s Hope
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Randy’s personal near-death experience provides stunning evidence that indeed, ‘The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit’ (Psalm 34:18). Randy’s insights into how God uses our brokenness to conform us to His image are practical and compelling. Don’t miss the opportunity to grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus by yearning for, and experiencing, His presence now in your life.
Gary CarterFounder and lead pastor, Life Church, Drayton Valley, Alberta; Transitional Leadership training program
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Randy’s statement that ‘experiencing God is more about relationship than it is about faith’ is a reminder of God’s heart toward us. He shows us that finding God in adversity aligns us to our assignment. This places us within the grace zone of our redemptive purpose and releases many natural and spiritual gifts as we experience an outpouring of His love.
Dale Mast, Senior Pastor Destiny Christian Church, Dover, Del.; author, And David Perceived;, He Was King, Two Sons and a Father and The Throne of David
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Randy Kay was an intellectual cynic who experienced one of the most profound God encounters I have ever heard in my life. Randy has articulated his life of brokenness from deep pain on multiple unexpected levels from a view of intimacy with Father God that is refreshing to my heart and groundbreaking in truth. Randy became a friend to my heart as he helped me see the value of pain in my journey of destiny from a different aspect.
Dr. Jim HarrisExecutive advisor; international speaker; author;, Our Unfair Advantage: How to Unleash the Power of Holy Spirit in Your Business
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Randy Kay passionately guides us through the treacherous waters of overwhelming personal, physical and mental pain into the loving arms of Jesus. Through his excruciating journeys through multiple diseases and near-death experiences, Randy boldly shares his innermost struggles to poignantly proclaim that the presence of Jesus overcomes any suffering.
Rich MarshallGodTV television host
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My reaction can be summed up in one word – WOW! His stories of suffering will actually encourage you. You will catch a glimpse of heaven that very few have experienced and returned to share. Randy Kay makes the revelation very personal and heartening.
Young Hoon Lee Ph.D., senior pastor, Yoido Full Gospel Church, Seoul, South Korea (the largest church in the world)
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Mr. Randy Kay is an example of how God calls us through difficulti3w in our lives. His near-death experience led him to the place where he met Jesus, and this meeting with Jesus brought many miracles upon his life. Mr. Kay shares his story both from a clinical point of view about what it means to heal and die and from a faith perspective about how God miraculously heals people.
Daniel KolendaPresident and CEO, Christ for all Nations
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Not only powerful and awe-inspiring, Randy’s story also imparts a deeper revelation of the Lord’s promise to never leave us or forsake us.
Dr. Jim Garlow, New York Times bestselling Featured speaker for major networks, Founder, Well Versed
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Randy expresses the heart of Christ in a compassionate way few can deny.
Pastor Tommy BarnettAuthor, co-pastor Dream City Church
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Randy Kay explains how we can draw closer to God as He uses brokenness to draw us closer to Him.”