Speaker Profile

Randy Kay has trained and spoken to hundreds of thousands of people. He has an anointing for sharing the heart of God having gone through a near-death-experience in meeting Jesus Christ.

Randy Kay is a prophetic speaker, best selling author, and someone who has coached thousands. He has provided deep insight to audiences of all sizes with his passion for expressing the heart of God.

As a Christian speaker, Randy is leaving lasting impressions with his audiences using stories and revelations of God’s purpose for each individual using a thriving mindset approach. His faith-filled and encouraging stories inspire listeners to be all that God has created them to be.

Randy’s message of experiencing the love of Jesus Christ comes from a place of having met Him after clinically dying from multiple pulmonary emboli and sepsis. He encountered heaven and gained a profound understanding of God’s Love for each of His children. Now, he shares a message of faith, hope, and love.

Randy believes that once you encounter the presence of God, you are transformed into the person God wants you to be. Randy has a passion to encourage listeners, and to use brokenness as a means for discovering joy.

As a Christian coach, his teaching propels people to live purposeful lives empowered by the Holy Spirit. He affirms the listener of their purpose and challenges them to fulfill their Kingdom calling. Audiences feel empowered to seek after their hopes and dreams.

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