Heaven Stormed


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Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of evil in the world today? Do you long to know God’s plan for these turblent times–and your vital role in them?

After clinically dying in a hospital, Randy Kay experienced a life-altering firsthand encounter with Jesus where he received crucial end times revelations. And now, with the last days upon us, God has given Randy renewed clarity–and urgency–of what he witnessed in Heaven.

For the first time ever, Randy reveals not only these astounding, prophetic end-of-days revelations, but also the magnitude of their significance for the unprecedented times we’re in, equipping you to fulfill your role in God’s plans for the end times.

With supernatural insight and accuracy, Randy guides you through the confusion and fear of these last days, equipping you to:

  • Discern and partner with what God is doing.
  • Discover the truth about the final days.
  • Recognize biblical prophecies being fulfilled in real time
  • Prepare for the coming divine judgement.
  • Take your place in the end times harvest.