Heaven With Randy Podcast

with Randy Kay
The Heaven With Randy Podcast focuses on Heaven, based on Randy’s book, Revelations From Heaven, and numerous discussions and interviews with others have experienced Heaven and Christians who have experienced miraculous encounters with the God of Jesus the Messiah.

2 Christian Dudes

with Randy Kay and Shaun Tabatt
The 2 Christian Dudes podcast features lively conversation and commentary exploring some of the interesting places faith and worldview intersect with life and culture. If you’re interested in near-death experiences, heaven, angels, demons, and how faith needs to make a difference not only in church and home, but also in the workplace, marketplace, and even politics, stick around. You’re going to love these conversations.

“The Abundant Life” Podcast

with David Baldwin and Randy Kay
Join me for my latest podcast episode where I teach how to thrive, and how to develop a thriving relationship with God. Learn what it takes to cultivate a life of abundance through this breakthrough research on thriving in life which spanned several decades, uncovering practical ways to overcome ways to overcome trials.

Podcasts Guest Starring Randy

What is the Key to Revival? Randy & Renee Kay Share the Answer