At the Heaven Encounters 2024 conference on September 12 th -14 th , numerous speakers and special activities will be included in this first-ever event at the famed Legacy International Center in San Diego, California, along with several breakthrough introductions. One of those breakthroughs will be the formal launch of My Family, a global virtual church that will connect Christian believers within small groups.

Imagine the dynamic of connecting believers from different continents within weekly meetings to study God’s Word, and to fellowship as one united Body in Christ. This phenomenon of cross-global Christian gatherings has never been effectively accomplished to date. Now we have the technology to form intimate groups across cultures and nationalities.

Consider the dynamism of people sharing their faith with others who can add unique insights about how the Body of Christ is operating within their respective communities. Through My Family, we expect that these forms of exchanges will not only serve to unite the Body of Christ, but to also further a universal movement of revival throughout the world. We will also provide study materials tailored to the whole Body of Christ.

Right now, our partners are working on study materials that can be accessed by virtual small groups. By suggesting or providing these study guides, we can help ensure the integrity of Bible-based teachings within the My Family community. As you might consider, the infrastructure of building My Family is an ongoing process.

Many have inquired as to how they can be involved within My Family. At the Heaven Encounters 2024 conference in September, a breakout session facilitated by Randy Kay will provide some of the details as to how people can get involved. At this conference, “pilot” groups will be established to test the effectiveness of the My Family virtual gatherings. Key learnings from these pilot groups will help us to launch My Family worldwide. This organic approach to uniting the Body of Christ will allow those who have not yet discovered the benefits of familial Christian fellowship to participate in this innovative approach.

We use the terms “innovative” and “God-inspired” to define My Family since the Holy Spirit spoke this vision into existence through prayer between Renee and Randy Kay. The Lord spoke directly to Randy Kay saying: “I want you to help unite My Body, and I want you to call it My Family.” At first, the Holy Spirit provided no details about My Family, but then over time the Holy Spirit provided the inspiration to put form to this vision.

Since then, numerous Christians have confirmed the vision that God gave to Randy and Renee. Thousands from around the globe have expressed interest in participating in this global effort. Many more have tagged their social media pages with the My Family logo to state their allegiance to One Body in Christ, regardless of denominational differences.

The official starter for My Family is the exciting Heaven Encounters Conference in San Diego. What better way to introduce this one-of-a-kind union than at the first-ever Christian afterlife conference. This event features afterlife survivors and speakers (like Captain Dale Black, Dean Braxton, Don Piper, Jim Woodford, Karina Martinez, Randy Kay and others) who experienced Heaven after clinically dying, and expert researchers like John Burke who has studied these cases for over 30 years.

Afterlife panel discussions, special ceremonies, grief support, mixers, prayer, worship, and fellowship will take place in “America’s Finest City,” San Diego, California. If you would like to attend this exceptional event with limited seating availability, you can register at:

Very few occasions can display something that has never been done before, but at the Heaven Encounters event there will be multiple “first- ever” introductions. First, this event brings together the largest gathering of Christian afterlife survivors, with speakers who have been featured on international broadcasts. Second, My Family will be officially launched. Third, the first-ever documentary showcasing afterlife encounters with Jesus will begin recording at the Legacy Center. Fourth, onsite podcasting will capture the widest array of guests talking about eternity.

This is an event you will not want to miss. My Family is uniting the Body of Christ. Many who have felt disconnected, or isolated, can now glean friendships and understanding from individuals not only within their community, but also from other parts of the world in which we live. This is My Family – One Body in Christ!