How God Directed Me to Write Heaven Stormed

When God prompted me to write Heaven Stormed, I initially resisted. At no time in my life had I undertaken such a daunting task. Not only that, but when I stood before the Throne of God in Heaven with Jesus, God specifically told me that I could not share the Storm I witnessed in Heaven – until God released me. And then, and only then, could I share the greatest shift in all of history.

After 17 years, God gave me the signs and final declaration that left no doubt that now was the time to share Heaven’s Storm. It came through God’s prophecies within the Bible, and celestial events not unlike those that led the Magi to baby Jesus, and finally through a trigger that spoke to me in a personal and singular way.

I write in detail in my book, Heaven Stormed, the signs that confirmed God’s release for me to share the prophetic unfolding of events in the last days, when a shift happened in Heaven. That shift would usher forth the Glory of God, the Rapture, The Tribulation, and finally the new Heaven and the new earth. While in Heaven these futuristic events appeared in real time, as though they were happening before my eyes. Later I would learn that the last days were authored in Heaven far in advance of their outpouring on earth; as testified by John’s revelation on the island of Patmos before 100 A.D.

Would you like to know the “final revelation” to me that caused me to write about when Heaven Stormed? Up to that point, I had been feverishly studying Scripture to make sure that my experience (not just a vision) in Heaven did not conflict with the Bible. I looked for biblical insights and incredible signs and wonders that fit with Scripture. Many of these studies confirmed my experience, but it was not until my wife Renee came to me and started reading comments from people impacted by our ministry that the confirmation to begin sharing the Storm occurred.

She shared the emotional comments of people whose lives were dramatically and positively transformed because of our ministry exactly forty weeks after we began our ministry. For those of you who study Scripture, you know that “forty” is an important number in Scripture. The resurrected Jesus appeared before the disciples for forty days. Rain fell for “forty days and forty nights” during the Flood (Genesis 7:4). Forty years is considered a generation in the Bible, and the word “forty” appears 158 times in the King James translation.

The number “40” symbolizes a period of testing, trial, or probation. For forty weeks post-launch of Randy Kay Ministries, we struggled financially while investing our money and countless hours to share controversial testimonies of Heaven (and hell) to a skeptical audience – all because God told me to “take back the narrative” about Heaven and hell. Taking back the narrative meant sharing Christ-honoring near death or afterlife experiences to counter a decidedly New Age majority of stories being highlighted through books, social media, and films.

So, when Renee confirmed the fruits of our ministry forty weeks after we officially launched it, I immediately thought of another significant event at forty weeks: the gestational period of a baby. My heart resonated with the belief that God had birthed not only a ministry, but The Storm.

 It is funny, how sometimes the most subtle meanings strike a personal chord to confirm some momentous occasions. And thereafter the Holy Spirit clearly said to me: “Begin writing about the Storm.”

I quit several times while writing Heaven Stormed. I could not author the sights, insights, and revelations I beheld and understood in my spirit body with any degree of justice to my experiences. With Jesus in Heaven, I witnessed not only my life in review, but the unfolding of the end-times we are living in today. A spiritual Storm struck through all of Heaven; and now, that Storm is coming to earth.

There were times in my office when the room took on a glow that must have been the Presence of God. The irony of it all is that I did not have to author Heaven Stormed. During the times when I could not fathom the words, the Holy Spirit possessed me to write the “unwritable.” When the book was finished, I reread the pages and thought to myself: “I could not have authored this book. No way am I able to author such things.”

It took a good six months for me to decompress after writing  Heaven Stormed. The immensity of the experience and its impact drained every fiber of my being. I prayed before, during, and with (deep appreciation) after authoring the book. For days, I did not know how to write the ending sentence, and then God insisted that I say these simple words in closing: “You mean everything to God.”

Now that I have shared the end sentence with you, please know that everything that preceded those words led up to that all-important declaration from God – you are the reason for it all.

I now pray that God’s Holy Spirit blesses every reader or listener of Heaven Stormed. I spent two weeks recording Heaven Stormed, and nearly lost my voice. Several re-recordings were needed because each sentence elicited a flood of emotions. My apologies to the recording technicians who displayed patience with my “handkerchief” pauses.

Heaven Stormed begins with a funeral and ends with a triumph over death. Heaven always remains at the center of events. The result is an enormous promise of Heaven to those who know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Despite the trials in these last days, please know that the ending is well worth it. Just to say that its “worth it” represents the biggest understatement.

God found you worthy of Himself, even if you do not feel worthy of God. That is the underlying message.

Please remember God’s Love as you persevere and are blessed by God’s Storm. In the end – well, I will tell you about that in Heaven Stormed.

Love in Christ,

Randy Kay

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