This is What Will Happen During the Last Great Battle & Satan is Defeated

During several of my interviews with those who visited Heaven and hell, afterlife survivors describe spiritual warfare, and I can also testify of seeing angels and demons battling over my own soul in the netherworld, or what many including myself describe as the second heaven – the place of spiritual warfare. Right now, these powers […]

Where is Heaven? Where is Hell?

By Randy Kay Is Heaven located in a different place or a different plane? What is the New Jerusalem spoken about in the Bible?  Where is the location for hell?  How do we know for certain where Heaven and hell are really located? Where is Heaven? I know from my own experience and from the […]

Answering Two Challenging Questions About Your Eternity

1. Will we remember our earthly lives when we are in Heaven? This life is filled with both the good and the bad. Will we remember the bad things that happened in our life in Heaven? Will we forget our loved ones and the good memories that we formed in this life in the afterlife? […]

<strong>Are We Living in the End Times?</strong>

Are We Living in the End Times? Many are fascinated by ‘end times prophecy,” but as the Bible clearly states, no one knows the time or day of the Lord’s return. Instead of being too concerned with the end of this world, perhaps we should consider that each of us are now living in our […]

11 Powerful Ways to Uplift Your Self-Confidence Through God-Confidence

Self-confident people are admired by others, and yet many of us struggle with staying confident in a negative world. God-confidence, however, does not require admiration from others – it finds its foundation in the value that God places in each of His creations. Unlike those who succumb to disparagement, God-confident persons confront their fears and rejections straightaway. They […]

Church Has Changed Post Covid-19

The era of the church has changed since the Covid-19 pandemic when many churches across the Western world were closed. People began checking out Internet channels to find the content they needed. Small groups turned to phone calls or impromptu meetings.  Deprived of church or small group meetings, those with spiritual questions googled their way […]

Countering the World’s ‘Integrity Crisis’ with ‘Integrity Intelligence’

Countering the World’s ‘Integrity Crisis’ with ‘Integrity Intelligence’  In a PACEsetters’ survey of over 200 professionals from various companies across a broad spectrum, from around the world, this simple question was posed:  “Has integrity stayed the same, increased, or decreased over the past ten years?”  Over 80% in this group answered that integrity has “decreased.”  Time and […]

Discover Who You Were Created to Be

Discover Who You Were Created to Be During some days, do you feel that there’s something deeper you could be a doing? Do you feel the pull towards something, but you can’t exactly pin it down—it eludes you and frustrates you? You’ve probably heard stories from people who have lived out their calling; the Steve Jobs of the […]

The Power to Thrive Through Change

The Power to Thrive Through Change   PACEsetters’s global study of over 2,000 leaders revealed that CEOs are markedly concerned with the ability to adapt to a rapidly changing world, and figuring out how to lead organizations ill prepared to effectively deal with those changes. The study found that more than 75% of employees within […]