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Dean Braxton • Lisa Sharkey • Gordon Graham • Israel Shalon • Wayne Fowler • Sheri Briggs • Brian Hoyland • Tara Colins • Kahleial Manning • Karina Martinez • Donna Grisham • Mark Nelson • Jim Woodford • Bill Goodwin • Bryan Melvin • Rob Bryceson


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Our mission is simple -to share the infinite love of God and to know that His attention is focused on you as though you are the only person in the world.

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Recent Books

Revelations from Heaven

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“Author Randy Kay expertly unfolds the wonders of Heaven, which are far superior and more real than anything one can experience on earth. Randy’s story is credible and his story telling and choice of descriptive words are compelling. This book is a powerful testimony to what Heaven is really like and what is eternally true.”

-Capt. Dale Black – Bible Teacher Author Flight To Heaven and Visiting

Revelations From Heaven Media

Real Near Death Experience Stories

True Accounts of Those Who Died and Experienced Immortality

What comes to mind when you think about Heaven? No matter what your perspective, the stories in this book will forever change your understanding of the afterlife. Each person included has a powerful testimony of a near-death experience where they unexpectedly visited Heaven.

As you read these firsthand accounts of life on the other side of the veil, you will receive:

  • Strengthening of your faith
  • Answers to questions about Heaven
  • An impartation of hope
  • Revelation of the Father’s love

Each of these life-changing encounters will leave you hungry to discover more of the God who is actively engaged in every moment of your life, both now and through all eternity!

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