Randy Kay – Speaking Montage

The Key to Thrive

Power to Thrive

Randy Kay is the Chief Learning Officer of PACEsetters (http://pacesetters.training), a leader in human development and the first to introduce a validated course on thriving skills. He is also Chairman and CEO of TenorCorp, a diversified strategic development firm.

Randy Kay is an author of six books, and the author of Dying to Meet Jesus, published by Chosen, a division of Baker Publishing Group. This book helps to answer the question as to why God allows suffering, and how brokenness can lead us to a more joyful life. It begins with Randy’s own near-death-experience, in which he succumbed to pulmonary embolism and septic shock.

Earlier in his career he served as CEO of a biotech company and a media company, commercial executive with companies like Johnson & Johnson, and chairman or board member for numerous philanthropic organizations.

Since graduating from Northwestern University, Kay has trained over one million persons and has been the leader for over twenty different organizations.

His first book, DAILY KEYS TO SUCCESS, covers every topic related to success – day-by-day – 366 topics brimming with ideas, tools, and tactics for living life to the fullest, and includes the collective experience of generations of success experts through one comprehensive book arranged by calendar day for daily growth. Subsequent books include The Power to Thrive, based on a 30 year multidisciplinary study of exceptional leaders; and, The 22 Most Important Things.

Kay has written for magazines including Forbes, Inc., and the Wall Street Journal, and has been interviewed by various broadcasting channels across the United States, reaching over 300 million people.